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Appearance, Disposition and Handling
Benefits Include:
  • True miniature cattle (no Dwarfism gene)
  • Naturally polled and black in color
  • Inquisitive and docile in nature
  • History of easy calving
  • Birth weight 35-50 lbs.
  • Mature cow 650-800 lbs.-approximately 39'' at shoulder.
  • Mature bull 880-1100 lbs.-approximately 42'' at shoulder
  • Market steers 700-800 lbs.

Ceilagh & Laurie
Adaptability and Production
  • Can be finished entirely on grass or a short period on grain feeding.
  • Requires no expensive equipment beyond regular farming ventures.
  • Bulls are muscular, virile with a strong libido.
  • Lowline Beef dresses out to 65-75% of hanging weight.
  • Suitable for a wide range of climates and forage conditions.

Adeline & Danniel
Fits Today's Lifestyle
Benefits Include:
  • Lowline Beef provides a smaller, leaner, higher quality, flavorful cut of beef.
  • Lowlines have well-marbled meat- averaging only 7mm of fat.
  • Organically, naturally finished beef product.
  • Ideal size for home freezers.


Lowline Cattle with winter coat
Lowline sporting a good winter coat!


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